Summer festival season is in full swing with WayHome just around the corner. This weekend will be packed with sun, good music and … good food! Yes, there is a way to enjoy the festival and still keep things on the healthier side. There’s even an app to help you too!

Image from WayHome  Gallery

Image from WayHome Gallery

IN GENERAL, festival season means three-day weekends of extended boozing, sporadic eating habits, and questionable food choices. But the good thing is times are changing! For healthy eaters like us, The WayHome festival has made things a bit easier to help us stay on track. With their free app that you can download, you can easily navigate your way through the festival- keeping track of when & where bands are playing and where the healthy food vendors are. We’ve highlighted some of favourites for you to try, check out the list below and let us know what you think!


THE DRAKE HOTEL- fruit and yogurt bowls to fish tacos. Their menu isn’t completely ‘green’ but they definitely have a good balance of options.

HEIRLOOM FOOD TRUCK-  they cook what they grow and now have Certified FeastON designation. We definitely recommend their watermelon salad and quinoa salad!

SMOOTHE OPERATOR- These smoother operators make delicious protein smoothies, watermelon spritzers, lemonade, salad, cookies and more.  

THE KIND KITCHEN- From smoothies to sandwiches to Cashew Cake- yes, they have cashew cake! This kitchen is true to their name as they are kind to our bellies.

SMOOTHIE SOLUTIONS- These smoothies are the perfect solution to refresh and recharge your ‘batteries’ so you can dance the weekend away.

STATION COLD BREW COFFEE CO.- Cold Brew Lattes and Tonics for that little extra boost to help you keep dancing.

TROPICAL TEMPTATIONS- Lots of fresh dishes to try, including lots of vegetarian and vegan options. 

To stay in the loop on the WayHome Festival, check out their website & sign up for their newsletter. Happy Festival!