Your 5 Step Guide to Glowing Spring Skin

From The Fields- Issue# 55

Don't wait for summer to get your skin glowing!

We reached out to our favourite glowing skin expert, and Holistic Nutritionist, Michelle Tirmandi for a little rejuvenating advice on how to get our glow glowing.  Michelle has prepared an amazing and simple 5 step guide that will get your skin glowing in no time!


Ready. Set. Glow!

Now that the nice weather has finally arrived and we’ll all be showing a little more skin, here is a simple 5 step guide to getting your fresh, Springtime glow!

1.     Eat More….

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is also a pretty accurate reflection of what is happening inside the body. This means that unlike the crazy, changing weather patterns we live with, we have the ability to have an amazing impact on the skin via the foods we choose to eat!

  Chia seeds are great for helping the body detoxify through helping the colon to easily draw out toxins and waste (less toxins = more glow!). Further to that, just one tablespoon contains more calcium than a glass of milk, more Omega3s then salmon and gram-for-gram, they have more free-radical fighting antioxidants than blueberries!

   Leafy greens and cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, bok choy and cabbage) all help the skin to glow via the high antioxidant content, the fibre and other phytonutrients like indol-3 carbonyl which helps your liver to detoxify waste. The more you eat the better!

   Lemons are an abundant source of vitamin C, which is a precursor to collagen production. Lemon water first thing in the morning (before breakfast) can also help to stimulate the detoxification pathways as well as digestion, which help to flush out the waste!

   Avocados are amazing skin foods, both internally and externally! With the abundance of nourishing good fats, avos help protect the surface layer of the skin with moisture as well as help to protect against sun damage. With plenty of antioxidants they also help prevent premature aging.

2. Eat Less …..

First and foremost we need to limit and avoid the foods that cause negative responses in the skin. It’s different for everyone, but common culprits include gluten, dairy and sugar. Gluten and dairy both contain inflammatory compounds that cause negative reactions in the skin. Sugar can also have dramatic effects on the skin by way of its negative influence on hormones.

TIP: Remove or limit dairy, gluten and sugar for 14 days to see results in your body and skin!

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

It is no big surprise that we need water and other nourishing fluids to keep our skin glowing. In fact, our body is made up of 75% water and when we are dehydrated our skin cells lose their plumpness and shrivel up. Without enough water, our body also has a hard time getting rid of its waste products and holding on to the good Omega3 and 6 fats required for glowing skin.

You likely also already know the culprits to avoid - too much caffeine and alcohol, as they both may lead to water and nutrient loss.

TIP: Drink at least 1.5L of purified water every day, and be sure to incorporate nutrient rich juices like Cedar’s Day Glow & For the Love of Greens!

4. Enhance with Skin Loving Nutrients

Unfortunately sometimes a healthy diet just isn't enough. We’re all busy, and the quality of our food and soil isn't always as great as we would like it to be. Good quality natural health supplements can play a huge role in natural beauty, starting from the inside out!

The most important thing here to note when talking about the supplementing with specific nutrients is that supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet. They are simply, supplemental to your (already) healthy diet!

The top supplements for glowing skin include: probiotics, omega3s, vitamin C and collagen.

TIP: Selecting good quality supplements can be a challenge in itself and consulting with a holistic nutritionist or a naturopathic doctor can be a huge help in tailoring the supplements to your specific needs. Barring that, here are a few trusted brands to help with your search: Genestra for probiotics, Genuine Health for Omega3s, Sisu for Vitamin C+ bioflavonoids and TruMarine for Collagen.

5. Commit to a Natural Beauty Routine

Committing to a natural beauty regime can sound overwhelming, but it need not be. Incorporating just a few new habits and natural personal care products into your lifestyle can go a long way!

Stepping up your beauty game starts with the addition of dry skin brushing, a simple 5-min a day habit that involves scrubbing down the body using a dry body brush. Benefits of dry brushing include: improved circulation and detoxification, exfoliation and the reduced appearance of cellulite.

The second part involves ditching the toxins often found in popular beauty product brands. The great news is that due to the growing demand there are now plenty of amazing, and effective non-toxic beauty products available. A good suggestion is to begin to replace items as they run out rather then replacing your entire beauty cabinet all at once.

TIP: When selecting a dry skin brush be sure to opt for a brush with natural bristles vs. synthetic (the brand Merben is great). If you want to see where your current beauty products stack up on the toxicity scale, check out this amazing tool by the Environmental Working Group.

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Michelle Tirmandi is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist, Online Wellness Coach and the owner of Michelle Nutrition, a wellness business catered to busy women and brides interested in incorporating healthy eating and holistic habits in their daily lives. With her background in psychology and education, Michelle’s real-life approach to nutrition and wellness is highly focused on educating and empowering her clients with programs that will fit their lifestyles, leaving them feeling well both mentally and physically. Michelle also has a background in marketing, she is an avid foodie and recipe developer, and has contributed to several online publications as Nutrition Expert, including Huffington PostReal Food Toronto and Glow Magazine in addition to her own blog


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