You know the importance of a morning routine but what you do (or don’t do) at a night is just as important. Sleep is an important piece of the wellness puzzle. End your day with one or all of these healthy bedtime habits…


YOU KNOW all about the anti-aging advantages of superfoods, the detoxifying properties of cold-pressed juice, how exercising regularly can boost heart health and increase longevity but another big factor in living well is sleep- good deep sleep. End your day with these nighttime healthy habits and see what a better tomorrow will bring!

SET PRIORITIES FOR TOMORROW- Before you wind down, think of the three most important things you need to accomplish or take part in tomorrow. Write them down in your planner like a “Passion Planner” or make a note on your calendar app. This practice will enable your brain to relax knowing what it needs to be ready for tomorrow, and will help you wake with a clear sense of the day’s plan.

SLEEP AIDS- If you have trouble falling or staying sleep, it’s ok to take some herbal products or other sleep aids like magnesium to improve your sleep quality. Sleeps issues can come from many things like stress, nutrient deficiencies or even lack of movement. Herbals sleeps teas like Traditional Medicinals Wellness Teas, Bach Rescue Remedy Sleep Formula and St.Francis’ ValeriCalm tincture are just some of our favourites.  Everyone reacts differently to magnesium and valerian so try a few and see what works best for you. You will know what works best when wake up the next day.

PREP YOUR BODY- Find something(s) you can do nightly that will calm and relax your body. Turn off your electronics at least a half hour before bed. Do some gentle stretching, yoga or meditation. Yoga instructor, fitness and wellness expert, Rachelle Wintzen from Chi Junky has a great video about 8 simple yoga poses to help you have a better sleep. Another great option is a hot bath with Epsom salts. Read. Write in a journal. Drink some herbal tea. Find whatever works for you and do it habitually. Your body will embrace the rhythm, taking the cues that it’s time to calm down and go to sleep.

ESSENTIAL OILS- Certain essential oils are very calming for the mind and body, setting the mood for a better sleep. Aromatherapy with lavender slows the activity of the nervous system, improves sleep quality, promotes relaxation, and lifts mood in people suffering from sleep disorders. Cedarwood contains natural sedative properties, and has a great soothing and calming effect on the mind, cures inflammations, itching of skin, while relieving tension and anxiety. In aromatherapy applications, the scent can induce the release of serotonin, which is converted into melatonin in the brain- the hormone that controls our sleep and wake cycles. Try putting some oils on your temples, "third eye" (between your eyes), and the inner parts of your feet. Make sure the oils of good quality- Doterra, Young Living and Saje are a few goods ones to start with.