TOP 5 Reasons to Cleanse

From The Fields- Issue #30

For many, the idea of a detox program can sound daunting at best or extreme at worst…”what exactly am I detoxing?”  But the secret among us seasoned cleansers is that a juice cleanse doesn't need to be viewed as the latest weight loss trend or an extreme diet with no real food.

A juice cleanse can serve a more modest and simple aspiration - to take a short break from the daily grind and give our systems a chance to hit reset while flooding your body with nutrients. That’s it. It's that simple. In 3 days, with a little bit of sacrifice and hard-work, you can produce a tremendous improvement in how you look and feel. 

Of course behind this simple notion is the science of how our body's digestive system works; but to spare you the nitty-gritty, here’s the gist on why we cleanse and why it's one of the most accessible detox programs available:

Give the digestive system a break

This is the core of the cleanse and the reason for all of the other juicing benefits. Digestion requires energy and we put our systems to work daily, asking them to sort, filter and discharge a vast combination of food and drink. When we clear our system and keep it clean, it can focus on the back-log of toxins that it doesn’t effectively address daily (i.e. pesticides, mercury, colorants, preservatives, chlorine).

Gain energy

Drinking coffee every ten minutes just to stay awake? When you do a juice cleanse, you will flood your body with phyto-nutrients that the body craves and from which it is often deprived. This leads to new levels of energy and feelings of lightness. Everyone hits this energy boost at a different point in their cleanse; but when you hit it, it feels amazing.

Improve your complexion

Feeding your body with nutrients and keeping yourself hydrated leads to new levels of improved complexion. As you complete your juice cleanse, you'll notice a new natural and healthy glow to your skin. You might even save some cash on skin-care products... you're welcome!

Conditioning your body to the veggies and natural products in a cleanse will help you crave those same foods and eat clean

Lose weight

We cut out the empty calories and replace them with nutrient-dense juices. This helps the body consume foods for the energy - not just for the pleasure of eating. Plus, conditioning your body to the veggies and natural products in a cleanse will help you crave those same foods and eat clean post-cleanse.

Reduce inflammation

Many of the natural ingredients included in cold-pressed juice cleanses (like pineapple) help to reduce the body's inflammation. Your cleanse will help with the aches and pains of your active lifestyle.

So the dreaded detox may not be so bad after all - it's really just a simple way to improve your overall quality of life. Of course, getting through a cleanse comes with some woes and will definitely require some mental fortitude - but you'll feel that much more rewarded by the end. Also, your body will thank you!