As athletic wear addicts (whether we are working out or not!), we are always on the hunt for the latest labels and unique styles.  There is nothing better than wearing a new workout outfit, as we think we run faster & push harder as we are looking so good! Here is the lowdown on our Top 3 places to get the coolest wear in Canada, what we like & why.


Löle launched in Montreal in 2002, and is now expanding globally.  The clothing & spirit of Lole focuses on wellbeing. They put it very well:  Wellbeing is a state of mind. It’s the sparkle that lights up your face after a yoga class, a walk in the park or a good laugh with your friends.


Our fave item this year is the Kim Jacket. This quilted jacket is stylish and perfect for layering. It will be your go to when going to and from your 2016 workout.

Karma Athletics

If you are a women on the move, always wanting to look runway ready but need high performance attire...this is the brand for you.  They have three collections and we love each and every one of them:  Karma for Yoga, Karma for Running and Karma for Kickboxing.   Where to find them?  Check out their online site here.    What is our favourite piece?  


Well we are runners, and are obsessed with funky tights, so the Adeline tight immediately caught our eye. They are flattering, have an inner pocket for you cards & key and the very stretchy material has you looking and feeling fit throughout your workouts.  Get ready for everyone asking you where you got them!

Terra Frog

Terra Frog (terrafrog.com) is a Canadian company based out of Alberta.  It was born out of the idea that the founders (sisters) wanted something unique vs. what they were seeing in stores. It needed to be exclusive, high quality, made in Canada, fresh & funky and AMAZING in look and feel.  Well, objective achieved. We at CEDAR also like them as they provide outstanding customer service - something we also like to achieve!  


What is our favourite piece? The Bliss Short. They don't ride up when you run, cycle, yoga or spin! They are not too long and not too short. Breathable, wicks moisture away from the body, eliminates body odor, and is quick drying. Where to find them? Check out their online site here.