The Secret Ingredient That Is Better Than Botox!


Well, technically it's 2 ingredients. Do you know the difference between collagen and gelatin? These terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference.


Collagen is the basic form of the protein found in the body, and gelatin is produced when collagen is boiled or otherwise heated. The two have very similar compositions and are almost interchangeable, but the difference gets confusing when it comes to supplements.

While collagen is beneficial to the entire body, it is most noticeably beneficial to the skin. By supplementing with collagen, you are helping your body improve it’s own production. Other benefits include hormone balance, better digestion and healthier bones and joints. A few of our favourite brands include Vital Proteins, Great Lakes, and WithinUs TruMarine. Longevity is the key in healthy aging- these products will help with the journey.

Image from WithinUs TruMarine

Image from WithinUs TruMarine

Here’s a quick breakdown on the two forms:

COLLAGEN Peptides (the Hydrolyzed form of Gelatin) contains these proteins broken down into individual peptide chains. This form is typically easier to digest and is often suggested for people with digestive problems. One advantage to this particular form of collagen is that it easily mixes into most hot and cold drinks and is tasteless, making it easy to add to foods and drinks for consumption, however, it will not gel and is not good in recipes that require gelatin.

Collagen Protein (GELATIN Powder) is the pure form that is often recommended for major digestive issues, for its ability to coat the digestive tract. From a cooking perspective, it is the form that thickens which is great for recipes like parfaits or soups. This is the form that is also naturally found in bone broth, as the heat breaks down the natural collagen found in the bones- the thick stuff that separates once broth is cooled.

Collagen latte anyone? Or maybe a little refreshing mocktail with a little collagen boost