Take your water up a notch and add a little extra to your next sip. Whether you take a sip into the dark side and try Black Water, add a little extra to your next sip with one or all of these options- your body will thank you.


WATER THAT IS BLACK sounds a little ironic as we are always looking into ways to filter our water but don’t be confused by its colour- this black water is actually really clean. We’ve talked about the importance of hydration but now it’s time to talk about the importance of trace minerals. Like vitamins, these little nutrients are just as important. Here are a few options to look into:

TRACE MINERALS: The microminerals, are needed in small amounts. High amounts can lead to toxicity so it’s important to consume through foods and water. Chemical and electrical processes are occurring within our body at every moment. These processes can only function correctly if the proper balances of minerals are provided. Unfortunately our soil is not as strong as it used to be so the world has adapted and created ways to add them back in. Add a little Trace Minerals to your next sip and you’ll instant feel the difference- hydration, energy and all.

BLACK WATER: Also known as Trace Water. This dark infusion is actually quite light. Each bottle contains spring water that has been infused with extra minerals which gives it its natural dark colour. Being packed with trace minerals, this increases the +pH levels of the water and adds a dose of electrolytes to help keep our metabolism healthy, strengthen our cells and stay hydrated. Take a walk over to the dark side and try this black water.

FLOW WATER: Sometimes we’re in a rush and we forget to bring our water with us. When this happens, we like to go with the flow and grab a carton- or two. Small carbon footprint aside, this water is very refreshing and can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Add a little extra to your next sip and let us know what you think.