Make My Day Foods will make your day!


You don’t need to be Canadian or be a hockey fan to love these pucks…but it’s time to puck up!


WHAT you need to know is that their amazing product, The VEGGIE PUCK™, is an organic, raw, nutrient-dense, frozen mixed vegetable serving, ready to be blended into your recipe of choice! No cleaning, chopping or storing of vegetables is required.


WHY you need to try it? It will increase the convenience factor to eat healthy, which saves you time- and we all could use a bit more time. We all try to eat healthy on a daily basis but sometimes there is not enough time to get everything in. Adding this product to your diet will be an effortless change with BIG results.
HOW could you not add a VEGGIE PUCK™ into your day? Take the puck, toss it into a smoothie or soup or sorbet and done- possibilities are endless. One serving of the SUPREME GREEN Veggie Puck, provides you with a good source of Calcium, Vitamin A & Folate and contains 3 grams of Fiber. One serving of the PURPLE POWER Veggie Puck, provides you with a good source of Vitamin A and contains 2 grams of Fiber. Easy, right? Check out their website for more recipes and don’t be afraid to experiment- maybe even with a CEDAR Juice.


Make My Day Foods, makers of The Veggie Puck™, shared some of their favourite ways to play with these pucks…
FAV Puck smoothie: Raw Cacao Green smoothie
FAV Puck soup: Carrot and Ginger
FAV Puck sauce: Pesto
FAV veggie: a tie between Brussel sprouts and Jerusalem artichokes.
FAV way to hydrate: Lemon water in between smoothies.
NEXT Puck experiment: Face masks. (Stay tuned for details!)
Puck Mantra: Choose your own adventure.
PUCK advice: Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to experiment. Puck up!