Eating healthy when your fridge is not stocked, and it’s too cold to run to the supermarket can be very difficult. Whether it’s the grocery shopping that is the roadblock or the menu planning we have got a few ideas and services that will make your life a little easier & healthier.


Mama Earth

If you are looking for organic and local in season fruits and vegetables to be delivered to your doorstep on a weekly basis- look no further than www.mamaearth.ca . What’s in your box changes each week depending on what is in season, which also means that you will have something new, fresh and tasty for your table. We at CEDAR love how the priority is on local farms at a fair price. You get to eat fresh local produce, and support the local farms all in one place.



Chef’s Plate

THEY create the recipes, YOU choose the meals, THEY deliver, YOU cook!  It really is that simple.  All of the ingredients are fresh, plus they go the extra mile so that the hand carved meats are sourced locally and raised without antibiotics, the seafood is sustainably sourced and they build relationships with each of their butchers and fishmongers to ensure only the best is on your table. What do we at CEDAR love - there is NO WASTE!  You get to enjoy incredible meals that are portioned out for you.  www.chefsplate.com



Munch Better

Snacking is good for you..especially when your snacks are curated AND  approved by a Holistic Nutritionist. We are big fans of www.munchbetter.ca a monthly snack subscription service, where each month they will ship you a box of snacks. These are not just any snacks..these use real ingredients, made by passionate companies (ie small batches made with love) and are thoughtfully curated and approved by the owners of Munch Better who are holistic nutritionists. Plus - snacking can get boring...with this you will NEVER be bored, as it changes each month.