Give yourself a boost and reset your phone or ipad with these healthy apps- the ones without the ‘etizer.


PUT THE COACH in you and make the most of the healthy apps out there. It’s hard to stay on track sometimes in our busy lives but with the right app, living a healthy lifestyle can be so much easier.  There are a few things to consider when trying a new app- but it’s nothing new. Just like when you’re picking a sport or a change in menu, there are some important things to consider:

  • Made for you: There is a vast variety out there so it’s important to not forget what your physical condition is at. Some of us may be stronger or have an old injury. Apps don’t your medical history. Pick an app that will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals at a realistic pace. If you’re not sure, talk to your healthcare practitioner first.
  • Privacy: Do your research! Make sure to check online for reviews. Make sure that whatever private information you plug in stays private.
  • Two important ‘E’s: the Ease of use and Effectiveness. The app needs to be easy to use and navigate through. Remember that feeling your get when technology frustrates you? Well, if you get that in an app you’re never going to use it. In order for the app to be effective, it has to benefit you as an individual. I guess you could say it has to be appetizing to you…

Here are a few of our favourites to check out…

FitBitThere’s a reason why they say it’s the fitness for everyone- because it really is. With it’s all purpose settings, it can help you track everything throughout your day from calories burnt, sleep goals and more

CODY: They provide a huge variety of video classes and plans from professional world-class trainers all in one spot. With the plans, it creates consistency into your busy schedule so you can achieve your health goals. They even include nutrition plans from Sarah Britton from My New Roots. Food and fitness- two important parts to a healthy lifestyle.

Shop Well: How many times have you gone to the store and forgot your list? Or see a new product and not sure if it’s any good? Well, add this app to your phone and you will never forget your list, scan the product in the store and instantly get access to its nutritional facts and ingredients. It’s like shopping with a Nutritionist in your pocket.

Side Chef: Not a great cook? Afraid to try new things on your own? With this app, it’s like having a personal chef in the kitchen with you. This app provides the visual assistance to give you the confidence to make delicious meals in your own kitchen. 

Food Matters (MFTV): Like they say,” Healthy inspiration, anytime, anywhere.” They have everything from health documentaries, to hundreds of healthy recipes, to exercise class and self-guided programs. MFTV is the ultimate library for health and wellness. Great app to have on the go.