Will you be our Valentine?

There are so many ways to feel and express love. Keep your hearts and minds wide open this weekend, as it will be a double hitter for love- Valentine’s Day and Family day (in Ontario). Gifts aren’t necessary to show your love but a little token can go a long way. Whether you’re looking for a little bit of something or a fun way to spend some time together, here are some of our favourites for every love in your life.

TOP 5 Favourites for Valentines & Family Day:

Retreat at Ste.Annes spa: We’ve mentioned Ste.Annes not too long ago but it still is one of our top places to escape for a little rejuvenation for some self-care or time with a loved one- especially with their current offers on spa packages.

Province Apothecary's sex oil: What better way to relax with a little lymphatic massage before getting intimate with your lover. No, a lymphatic massage is not the new trend in foreplay. Just changing up a daily habit- well, hopefully it’s your daily habit- into a group activity for a little more fun. Province Apothecary makes great products that are clean and safe to use all over your body.

Cooking Class: With Winterlicious just ending, our love for food has us craving for more. Why not have a kind of date night and try out one of Marni Wasserman's cooking classes? By popular demand she has added on a second night to get your hand dirty.

- Woodlot candles: Sometimes the most simple things are the best. Woodlot products are made in small batches with clean ingredients from near and afar. Gifting or adding a little candle romance to your weekend can never be a bad idea. Especially when each candle is handmade with care using clean burning, petroleum-free coconut wax. With many other products in their shop, make sure you check out their amour deal. But if you don't feel like ordering it online, there are many spots around Toronto that carry their candles like The Health Hut.

COOKIES: Lots of chocolate and candy grams will be going around this long weekend. Why not change it up with a little dose of health in your next batch of homemade cookies? VEGA has a great DIY cookie jar recipe that would be great to give as a gift or a fun activity to do with the family.


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