After a weekend of celebrations, it’s time to re-fire our engines and increase our brainpower. Now, what better way to increase your brainpower than just by taking a sip of a refreshing mocktail?

THE BRAIN is a powerful tool. Same is said for our second brain- our gut. There is a lot more to the gut-brain connection then we are aware of. Every day there is more and more information out there. Now imagine increasing your gut-brain power just by taking a sip of a delicious and nutritious mocktail filled with probiotics from Kombucha!

KOMBUCHA: a lightly effervescent beverage that is made through the fermentation process, much like hard cider or kefir. It is produced by fermenting tea, typically black or green, using a colony of bacteria and yeast called a “scoby.” The fermentation of the bacteria creates a drink that is naturally rich in healthy, beneficial probiotics, antioxidants, organic acids (acetic acids) and nutrients such as B vitamins. Having been consumed for thousands of years with an unknown orgin, it is a traditional drink that has been used in countless cultures to help improve health by boosting immunity, raise energy levels, balance mood and support digestion.

BLUEBERRIES: excellent source of flavonoids, especially anthocyanidins- the antioxidant compound responsible for the fruits’ pigment. This powerful compound is very active in protection the brain- both brains. With its antioxidant protection against Alzheimer’s to its tannins content help regulating the bowel, this tiny but mighty fruit will protect the good bacteria in your gut and taste sweet and delicious in this mocktail.

BASIL: This underrated herb can blend in more ways than just a classic pasta sauce. Basil has many of the same medicinal effects as other members of the mint family, especially its use as a digestive aid and posses antibacterial activities. The volatile oil of basil relaxes the smooth muscle of the intestines and dilates small blood vessels. Research studies on basil have shown it to contain orientin and vicenin, two water-soluble flavonoids that protect cell structures from free-radical damage. From lemon sorbet to refreshing smoothies, this nutrient dense herb adds a refreshing twist to any drink.


serves 1


  •  1 cup Kombucha
  • 2 fresh leaves of Basil
  • 1 wedge of lime
  • 1 tbsp blueberries- whole or fresh juice


  • Lightly bruise the fresh basil leaves to extract some of the fresh flavour.
  • In a glass, mix in the leaves with the remaining ingredients and squeeze a little fresh lime for a refreshing citrus twist. Serve and enjoy.

TONICA and RISE Kombucha from Toronto provide several delicious flavours that you should definitely try if you haven’t taken a sip yet. And if you’re not ready, we have a great juice that has probiotics added to it for that extra power boost with CEDAR's Pressed Probiotic.