In this week's From the Fields we introduce you to Kim D'eon.  Kim's story is a compelling one about passion and love.  A passion for food and a love of sharing to help others.   Kim's personal journey of natural healing led her from a career as an award-wining television host and Canadian media personality to becoming a registered holistic nutritionist and whole/health food champion.


First 3 things you do when you wake up:

  • Drink a glass of water (with lemon if I’m being “good”.)
  • Pee.
  • Make quick and healthy breakfast: usually a smoothie

Best advice you ever received:  

“These are the good old days.” I actually bought a folk-artsy sign with those words of wisdom painted on it, which hung in my apartment for the longest time. For me, that adage really articulates the power of living in the moment.

Current Fav 3pm Snack on the go:  

Anything with hummus on it.

Food philosophy in one sentence:  

Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Wait…that’s my food hero, Michael Pollan’s famous philosophy, but you get the drift.

Healthy habit tip:  

Wow. There are so many. But, here’s a really easy one that everyone can do: Limit drinking liquids with meals. Too much liquid dilutes your stomach acid and can cause symptoms like heartburn and indigestion. This one simple habit changed my life a few years ago.

Best ‘fast food’ option: 

There are so many in Toronto! You can see my full list here. But, one of my go-to fast food places has got to be Fresh Restaurant.

Current favourite ingredient:  


Latest health “obsession”:  

I try not to obsess about anything, but I’m really all over the power of probiotics.

Can’t live without:  

A good moisturizer and my vitamix.

Lifestyle balancer:  

To be truthful, I’m actually struggling with balance at this particular time in my life. I could lie and tell you I’ve got it all figured out and that I take the time to balance myself every day through yoga or nature walks, but it simply isn’t true at this point in time. With a massive career transition, a big move coming up and critical family issues to attend to, I still struggle with balance. But, every day I practice gratitude for the journey, make sure to take in a few deep breaths, try to cook at home as much as I can and aim for about 8 hours of sleep a night. And, come December, I’ll be back on my mat!

A perfect day would be:  

Sleeping in. Having an almond milk latte and reading the paper in sun-filled backyard. Doing a little gardening, making some pottery and then hitting a farmer’s market to cook up a big meal for a dinner party of people I adore.  Whoa, I just realized I am a full-blown hippie.

Daily inspiration:  

Knowing that I am following my passions and living my life on purpose keeps me going.

Health fad you want to see go:  

Ketogenic diets or “keto diets”. While the diet might be helpful in extreme cases, I don’t believe it’s good for the average person to intentionally force the body to bypass its preferred source of energy (carbs) to use fat for fuel. There unwanted health issues that can arise when functioning in a state of ketosis, but overall, my concerns are with the acidity that’s produced in the body when there are too many ketones circulating in the blood. We don’t want to have excess acidity in the body because it fosters illness and disease. Also, forcing the body to turn fat into glucose taxes the, already overworked, liver. Plus, keto diets promise a quick fix that many fall prey to and usually this type of fast weight loss results in rebound weight gain. And on top of all that, carb restrictive diets often mean a reduction in the world’s healthiest food source: plants. And, by now, you know how I feel about eating mostly plants. As with everything, there are plenty of experts weighing in on both sides of this issue. These are just my personal views on that diet.



Ingredients:  (Use organic ingredients when possible)

4 cups cooked white beans (dried and cooked or well rinsed from canned)

3 cups thinly sliced kale (washed, dried and de-stemmed)

2 large sliced leeks (don’t use the tough green ends)

5 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

½ tsp sea salt

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp olive oil (for drizzling)

¼ cup cashew crumbs (just bash whole cashews into crumbs in a pestle + mortar or in a plastic bag with a hard object)

¼ cup raisins

1 lemon (juiced)  


  • Heat coconut oil on med/high heat in a deep cooking saucepan. Add leeks and sauté approx. 5 minutes until just starting to soften and brighten
  • Add sliced garlic and cook 1 minute longer
  • Add beans, kale, raisins salt and HALF the lemon juice and cook until kale is wilted. Approx 3-4 minutes (If things start to stick a bit, add a tiny splash of water to the pan)
  • Plate onto large serving platter squeeze remaining lemon juice over dish, drizzle with olive oil and stop with crushed cashews.
  • This makes a great side dish or main course. If using as a main course, you can jazz it up by making a bed of leafy greens and scooping some of this magic right on top. It also goes well with a side of any other veggie.

Check out Kim's site to see the genius way she used the leftovers.

Now go eat some good!