3 BIG Healthy Trending Products To Keep An Eye On


There always seems to be the next big thing to boost your immune system, or improve your digestion, or a new “superfood” to add to your diet. Yet most of these things have been around for centuries.  Well, we found 3 new trending products that would make a great addition to your kitchen pantry. And you don’t have to be a fancy chef to use them!


APRIL IS FULL of spring cleaning, health expos, and cleanses- although, hard to tell in all this snow. Sometimes it can be challenging keeping track of the latest health trend or what superfood to add to your diet next, so we decided to highlight 3 trending products to make healthy eating easier- and delicious! 


MATCHA NINJA: They are a Toronto based start up company focusing on 3 things- taste, quality, and time. This raw organic fuel will boosts the metabolism, aids in weight loss, calms the mood and cleanses the body. And who knows, maybe you’ll start feeling like a ninja with all the energy it will provide you.

Rallis Super green bottles.jpg

RAW VITALITY: It’s all in the name really. They create delicious gluten free, organic, vegan snack food products that are not heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. From flax quinoa crisps, to parma-veg, to brownies and more- they offer a variety of amazing healthy products that you can stock your kitchen with to make healthy eating easier- and affordable!

raw vit.jpg

RALLIS OLIVE OIL: This artisan raw olive oil is ice pressed- a different type of cold pressing system. The olives are pressed 20-30 times colder than cold-pressed, keeping the oils nutritive content high and creating a distinct refreshing flavour that will leave your taste buds wanting more. 

If you’re heading to the Total Health Show this coming weekend, make sure to stop by their booths and have a little taste test.