The spin culture that started in L.A. and New York has made its way north and is catching on for good reason.  If you are looking to mix-up your workout routine and achieve a new level of intensity, then it's time to get on the bike.

For the uninitiated a spin class can seem daunting so we’ve profiled 4 great studios in 4 of Canada’s great cities (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver) that pride themselves on converting newbies to evangelists.   If you want to get a high-intensity workout that challenges the body and leaves you tuned up and focused visit one of the studios below.  

TORONTO - Rocket Cycle

688 St Clair Ave W

Located on St. Clair Avenue at the north end of Christie above the World Class Bakers, at Rocket Cycle you can spin in style.  The space is immaculate and beautiful but welcoming.  You can sign-up for classes and select even your own bike online and when you arrive, sign-in via iPads.  Check them out here. 

MONTREAL - Cadence Cycle

2585 Chemin Bates

Founded by competitive cyclist/runner, Yaron Spitzer, Cardence has developed loyal customer-base thanks to its focus on spinning and spin culture.  As Montreal’s first studio dedicated exclusively to spinning Cadence is able to offer a broad range of classes with a high quality team of instructors. Check them out here.

VANCOUVER - Ride Cycle Club

881 Hamilton Street

Dim the lights, light a few candles, crank the tunes.  Ride Cycle Club uses music and the ‘pack’ to transform body and mind.  Each class is set to a unique playlist and each instructor is different, but all focus on keeping your mind inspired and your body challenged, each and every ride.  Check them out here.


101-3505 14th St. SW & 1117B Kensington Road N.W.

With two locations across Calgary, YYC Cycle is the birth-child of three ambitious, born-and-raised Calgarians who saw an opportunity to offer an innovative, dynamic form of group exercise that breaks the mold of traditional indoor cycling.

They don’t call the folks at the front of the class instructors they call them “motivators” as they all share in the goal of creating a pumped up community and spin culture to Calgary.  

YYC Cycle offers a unique workout experience that will leave your mind and body feeling energized and rejuvenated. Check them out here.