IT'S NO SURPRISE we often complain about the same things or suffer from similar health issues or concerns. We've broken down our juices before to help give you a boost but this time we reached out to 2 of our favourite Toronto Nutritionists, Tara Miller and Lori Kennedy, about what they hear the most at this time of the year and what you should focus on.

DO I TRY this detox tea? How often do I need to take turmeric? Am I getting enough vitamin C? You are not alone! We often ask ourselves too many questions and put too much pressure on being healthy- which is unhealthy in the long term of things. To keep your wellth strong, try focusing on small changes – one thing at a time. So whether you start with a juice cleanse or add more vitamin c rich foods into your diet, the long-term result will be the same- better health for a stronger wellth.

Tara Miller's most common complaints:

  • Digestive distress: gas, bloating, irregular bowel patterns
  • Skin issues: acne, eczema, dryness
  • Weight loss

Tara’s Top Recommendations:

  • Eat real food.  Take out processed, fried and artificial foods.
  • Take a good quality (refrigerated) probiotic. 
  • Experiment with eliminating common allergens like dairy, gluten, soy, eggs.  Often one of these is the offender and with sometime keeping it out, you can likely bring it back in to your diet in moderation.

Here is what Lori Kennedy suggests with some great tips:
“Aversion to fresh veggies is a common one, we’re cold enough in the winter and the thought of crunchy, cold veggies often doesn’t seem too appetizing. Why not add fresh spinach, celery, kale or avocado into a smoothie or a fresh juice, did you know that it takes pounds of vegetables to make a bottle of juice! Instead of procrastinating and planning all the things you can do instead of going to the gym or workout class, think about how good you feel during and after the workout - nothing compares to that natural endorphin high! Start with just getting your butt to the gym and once you are there the rest is a piece of cake! Freeing yourself from the caffeine addiction is a tough one, especially since you can suffer withdrawal symptoms if you typically drink a lot. So go slow and wean yourself off. Start by cutting down by one a day, then two and so on. If you are missing that caffeine boost, try green tea, it will give you the kick without the jitters and always drink lots of water!”

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